Career Development - Handshake Student Information Systems

Handshake is a personal and career development tool designed just for you. Creating a Handshake profile gives you access to job and internship opportunities, event invitations, and resources specifically matching your career interests. You can also manage contacts, make appointments, and track your development right from your phone.

Benefits & Features

  • Schedule appointments online
  • Receive a tailored newsfeed of events, employer visits, and job and internship opportunities
  • Access internship and job postings
  • Register for events
  • Track your contacts and professional experiences
  • Sign up for interviews
  • Follow employers and career coaches for up-to-date news
  • Customize your homepage to reflect what you’re most interested in seeing

Getting Started

Start with completing the profile sections or uploading your resume. Should you upload a resume, you can choose to pull information from your resume directly from the document into your system profile, including: work experience, extra-curricular activities, and skills.  Be sure to check the details to make sure everything is correctly listed in your profile. Importantly, most employers search for candidates based on skill sets, so be sure to add  a thorough list of your skills to your profile.

Once you’ve completed the “profile” section, click the “account” tab  and  specify your job interests. These details will be very important for you to receive communications about jobs, internships, upcoming events and other important details related to your personal and career development.

If your major, minor, and/or class year is incorrect, request a major/minor/advisor change by visiting the Program Change Form.


Enrolled students are eligible for this service.


Academic Advising and Career Development office or 308 865 8501