Cloud Account Migration Server and Storage Management

NU ITS is here to help you migrate your cloud resources so that they are underneath NU ITS management and can take advantage of all the benefits offered by that.

Benefits & Features

There are a variety of benefits for having your resources or accounts underneath the management of NU ITS.  Your resources will be monitored by our cloud hosting and security teams, they will also receive up-to-date security policies approved by our security teams, billing is integrated with the accounting department and billed via cost object, and our environments are connected with SSO to the TrueYou system so login is greatly simplified.  For AWS accounts you will still retain full administrative control of your account and resources, while giving NU ITS a way to support and monitor your systems.

Getting Started

The migration process is very simple and mostly automated, to get started we send an invite to your account from our AWS Organization and once accepted you will join the Organization as a member account.  From there we'll send you a cloudformation template to run within the account and that will complete the process.


Submit your request along with basic details about your account and its purpose to