NU ITS will configure and grant you access to cloud storage hosted by either Azure or AWS.

Benefits & Features

Storage hosted on a cloud platform offers a number of benefits over on-premise hosting but also comes with a few caveats.  A few of the main benefits are affordable pricing for entry level tiers, only paying for what you consume, and global accessibility to your data.  Some of the major downsides are latency between on-prem systems and the cloud storage as well as costs associated with retrieving data from the storage.  Cloud storage can make a lot of sense for some situations, if you need cheap long-term archive storage, or if you're planning a large cloud native solution then hosting your storage in the same place can be both fast and cost effective.


Pricing can vary greatly with all the different options out there.  Use the 'Enterprise Data Storage' link in the top right to view all of the available options including the on-premise storage options available to you.  This can be useful if you're comparing options between cloud and on-premise.  Use the 'Data Storage Finder' link to compare costs of these options and get a more detailed view of what each option can provide in terms of speed/redundancy/compliance.


If you would like web access to your storage through the cloud providers portal we need an NU ID to grant access.  To start up the storage we will need a Cost Center Object to pay for the ongoing cost.

To get started submit a ticket to the ITS Help Desk and we'll help you find the best solution.