Cloud Virtual Machine Hosting Server and Storage Management

NU ITS will configure and grant you access to a virtual machine hosted on either Azure or AWS.

Benefits & Features

Virtual machines hosted on a cloud platform offer a variety of benefits over on-premise hosting.  Some of the main benefits to cloud hosting include global accessibility, a machine that is disconnected from internal campus networks, and an easier ability to grant access to outside users.  Cloud hosting provides a good alternative to on-premise hosting for projects that require collaboration with non-university contributors.



Pricing can vary greatly and will ultimately depend on the amount of resources you'd like to have on the virtual machine.  Click through the links to the right to get an idea of on-demand pricing on each platform.  For long-term hosting in the cloud there are options to reduce the cost with reserved instances.


To provide initial access we will need an NU ID for the admin user of the machine and a Cost Center Object to pay for the ongoing cost.  When you no longer need the VM we can turn it off at any time to stop the cost.


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