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In today’s world, email authentication is essential to ensure the University of Nebraska has a secure online reputation and maintains brand trust with customers. While authentication can be tricky, it’s imperative that any web application that sends an email adds this to the top of a best practice list.

Email vendors such as Google and Yahoo among others have announced that they are going to start enforcing DMARC for email security. In order for your email system to pass DMARC requirement emails must pass SPF and DKIM checks.

Benefits & Features

Email authentication gives mailbox providers (like Gmail or Microsoft) confidence that the messages from senders are authentic and not sent by a bad actor. The more confidence a mailbox provider has that the messages you send are legitimate, the more likely that provider is to deliver the message to the inbox.


Getting Started

What are the best steps to authenticate email?

  • Configure DKIM for your third party sender



Faculty, Staff, Affiliates and Students


There may be a cost associated for the the third party service. This cost would need to be covered by the department, not ITS.


If your current third party is not listed but does support sending via an outside SMTP service, please submit the Request form.

Additional Information

All ITS supported services are configured for DMARC compliance. For example, FireFly, Ariba, Concur, Salesforce, Canvas, Qualtrics, etc.