NU ITS is able to offer Enterprise Level Monitoring services utilizing several different industry leading tools.

Benefits & Features

Monitoring is essential to keeping your services running and exposing potential issues before they become a bigger problem. 

Network, application, server, and environmental monitoring and alerting are provided to university-affiliated entities.


Getting Started

Network monitoring:  Advanced monitoring and alerting software monitors network devices (including routers, switches, and access points) and their interfaces for uptime, packet loss, latency, etc.

Application monitoring:  Comprehensive application monitoring, including anything from a simple TCP port to advances SQL query monitoring or Docker container monitoring, as well as web application user experience and uptime monitoring and more.

Server monitoring:  Available software options can monitor any server, physical or virtual, including running applications and services, cpu, disk, and memory usage.

Environmental monitoring:  Monitor advanced sensors on environmental equipment like air handlers/CRAC, UPS, temperature probes, water detection, etc.