MS365 Learning Pathways Email and Collaboration Services

Microsoft 365 learning pathways gives all University faculty, staff, and students access to official, always up-to-date, Microsoft training content.

Building the digital skills in bite-sized ways is critical to learning. Without that, users are left frustrated with the pace of change and trying to navigate all the new capabilities.

Benefits & Features

Learning pathways strives to adhere to a quarterly content update cycle. As of 9/30/2021, we've updated the learning pathways content for our September content update. To learn more about the September content update, see Content Updates.

Learning Pathways provides training for applications including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Office applications like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Now we are expanding the capabilities of this solution by integrating with the multi-lingual feature of SharePoint to deliver ten (10) languages natively in the solution.


Getting Started

Click the Learning Pathways button above to be taken to your campuses custom Learning Pathways implementation.



Students, faculty and staff are eligible for this service.


There is no charge for this service, which is considered a common-good service.