Scantron Services - Akindi Learning Management

Akindi is a bubble sheet assessment platform and a substitute to campus Scantron services

  • Akindi allows for faculty to create, facilitate, and scan their own bubble sheet assessments without the need for proprietary sheets or special machines.
  • Akindi assessments are printed on normal 8.5" by 11" sheets of paper and scanned with common multi-function (all-in-one) printer/scanners with a scan to e-mail function.
  • Akindi is integrated through Canvas so assessment scores can be automatically synced into your Canvas gradebook.

Benefits & Features

Akindi has many benefits over traditional Scantron sheets.

  1. It is cloud based so you can always access the raw images of each student’s scanned assessment. This means you no longer have to hold on to the sheets if you want to review them with a student.
  2. Akindi also allows for up to six different versions of the same assessment.
  3. Akindi makes it easy to regrade assessments without having to rescan them.
  4. You get analytics on your assessments like which questions were the easiest and the most difficult for your class.

To learn more about additional Akindi features visit:

Getting Started

How to Access Akindi?

Akindi is accessed from within a Canvas course. If this is your first time using Akindi in a particular course go to “Settings” on the bottom of the Canvas course navigation pane, select the “Navigation” tab at the top, locate the “Launch Akindi” option towards the bottom of the page, click the three dots to the right of “Launch Akindi”, select the “+ Enable” option, and then select the red “Save” button at the bottom of the page.


Please note that the “Launch Akindi” option in the course navigation will not be visible for students in the Canvas course.


Akindi assessments can only be created and managed by someone who has a teacher role in a Canvas course. The teacher creates the assessment in Akindi and prints the bubble sheets for their class. After the students have filled out their bubble sheets in class the instructor will collect them to be scanned.

Additional Information

How do I scan my Akindi Assessment to get it graded?

  • Akindi assessments are scanned with your department or college’s multi-function (all-in-one) printer/scanner using the scan to email function.
  • The first time you access Akindi through a Canvas course your Akindi account is automatically provisioned/created.
  • After your Akindi account is created it will get an email address created for it for example: netID+[some number]
    • This email address will be the same for all of your courses regardless of the semester.
    • Some departments/colleges have chosen to save this email in their scanner’s contact list as the faculty member’s name followed by an “_Akindi” to make it easier for them to scan to their Akindi email.
  • After your assessments are scanned to your Akindi email address they will be automatically graded and available for your review within the Canvas course.

What do I do after I scan my Akindi Assessments?

  • After your Akindi assessments are scanned you will be able to view the results by accessing Akindi through your Canvas course.
  • This is now the time where you can review any scanned lines Akindi did not know how to grade, for example if a student erased B but it was left smeared and then filled in D.
  • Akindi makes this process easy for you by showing all of these items anonymized in a central location, watch the video below for more details.
  • Finally, after you have resolved all necessary items, it is time to click the blue “Send Grades to Canvas” button in the top left corner.
    • This button will add the Akindi assessment as an assignment and populate each of the students’ scores in the Canvas gradebook