Duo Instant Restore - iOS

Recovering Duo-Protected Accounts with Instant Restore


To use Instant Restore you must have previously backed up your device with iCloud (with iCloud Keychain on) or an encrypted iTunes or Finder backup. 


  1. Sign in to iCloud on your iOS device and restore from an iCloud, iTunes, or Finder backup.
  2. If using iCloud, enable iCloud Keychain. This could be the same device as before, or a brand-new one.
  3. Download the Duo Mobile app on your new device.
  4. Open Duo Mobile and tap Continue on the welcome screen.
  5. Duo Mobile locates your backed-up Duo-protected accounts in your restored backup and restores them to the app on your device. When complete, you're taken to the accounts list in the app.
  6. Duo also sends a push notification stating that accounts were activated on a new device to your old device.
    If you did initiate the restore to a replacement device, tap Yes to dismiss this notification and deactivate the accounts on your original device.

    *If you receive the new phone activation notification and you didn't just perform a restore, tap No. This deactivates your Duo accounts on both the original and replacement devices and alerts Duo administrators about the fraudulent reactivation.


The Duo Mobile accounts list shows your restored Duo accounts, and you may use them to log into Duo-protected services with Duo Push or a generated passcode.