Enroll Two-Factor Mobile Device

 To enroll a new mobile device please follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to TrueYou Self Service [https://trueyou.nebraska.edu].

2. Login and select "Manage TrueYou Duo Two-Factor Devices".

3. Before you can manage your devices you must authenticate using two-factor by using one of the options below.

4. Select "Add another device"

6. Ensure "Mobile phone" is selected.

7. Enter your mobile devices phone number.

8. Confirm your phone number.

9. Select your phone type.

10. Once you've selected your phone type, download the Duo Mobile application using the 'App Store' or 'Google Play Store' app on your mobile device.

11. Once Duo mobile is installed, launch the Duo mobile app, select "Add" on the top-right, choose "Use QR code", and scan the QR code (you may need to grant access to your devices camera). See iOS example below.

11a. Optionally, if cannot scan the QR code, select "Email me an activation link instead".