Hardware Token Enrollment (Yubikey) - Mac

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) combines two concepts to allow users log in access: something users know, i.e., a password, and something users have, i.e., a hardware token. This guide will assist users in registering a new hardware token.

Visit trueyou.nebraska.edu

Select Login

Trueyou 1

Click 'TrueYou Identity Manager'

TrueYou 2

Choose 'Manage Devices'

Duo 1

Authenticate as usual

Duo 2

Select 'Add a device'

Duo 3

Click 'Security Key'

Duo 4

A pop-up window will open

Select 'USB Security Key'


Insert your Security Key and touch the sides

Yubikey 8

You're done!

Yubikey 9