Identity and Access Management

Your online identity consists of the collection of accounts throughout the University of Nebraska systems, which include your campus specific account, as well as your University wide TrueYou account. Identity Management is the procedure and systems that ensure you can access all the online resources while you’re a student, faculty, or staff member within the University of Nebraska and Nebraska State College system.

There are bits and pieces of you scattered all across the University of Nebraska. You might be working on a course, or working on a grant, using a computer in a lab or a classroom, or using the campus wireless network. You could also be flashing your ID card to unlock a door or buy a soda from a vending machine. It's our responsibility to collect all of those different pieces of "you" into a cohesive whole.

Our goal is to establish a single identity that lets you interact with any of the services that the University of Nebraska offers. We also need to make sure that any of those services can interact with each other when they are talking about you. Finally, when you start a new job, or classes – or when any of your roles go away – we need to keep track of that as well.

Identity Management is entirely focused on what happens in SIS portals, or in Firefly, or with your ID card. If you're having trouble getting access to something, you probably need to make sure that everything is correct in those sources first.


  • Create a secure and seamless user experience through a centralized, automated, and risk-based identity and access management program that ensures the right individuals have the right access to the right resources at the right time.